Homeschooling Education Plan Procedures

Your request to educate your child at home will be approved upon submission by you of a plan providing the information requested below. (Please note, it is Mount Greylock School Policy to also require parents of students in grades 7 – 12 to complete the Request for Home Education Form.)   As you know, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts gives parents the right to educate children at home, provided that a plan for homeschooling is submitted to and approved by a local Superintendent.

Homeschooling should not begin until approval is granted in writing from the Superintendent.  It is the intention of the Mount Greylock Regional School District to work with you in the support of your desire to educate your child/ren at home and we will make every effort to facilitate such a program.

 Please provide the District office with the following information:

  1. A written statement that you intend to educate your child/ren at home.
  2. A clear description of your proposed curriculum including a list of textbooks and or materials you intend to use.  (The Superintendent may request to see these prior to approval.)
  3. The approximate amount of time that will be devoted to each course per day and per week and the number of days of instruction to be provided between September 1 and June 30. These must meet statutory requirements.
  4. Parents, or the persons teaching your child/ren, must “demonstrate/indicate” competency to teach, by providing a list of relevant credentials—such as graduation from high school and/or any advanced college degree or graduate work.
  5. The Superintendent may require periodic standardized testing.  The Superintendent may decide where and the type of testing to be done, “in consultation with the parents.” Other means of evaluating the progress of the child, such as progress reports or home visits may be substituted for the formal testing process but only subject to the approval of the parents and the Superintendent.
  6. Parents must re-apply annually.  It is recommended that testing/progress reports be provided at that time.

Mt. Greylock Regional School Homeschooling Form