Multi-Factor Authentication

Everything you need to know about enhanced password security.

Password theft has become a significant cybersecurity threat which has led Mount Greylock Regional School District to protect our students and staff with updated requirements. Passwords are updated annually and have a strong threshold for length and characters. MGRSD employees will now use "multi-factor authentication" (MFA) or “two-factor authentication” (2FA) to enter into the google domains.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

  • Multi-factor authentication uses two (or more) different methods to identify a user as opposed to just a single password.
    • The first factor can be something you know (your password)
    • The second factor is something you physically have (typically your phone).
  • Once in place, even if someone steals your password (because they “know” it), they cannot access your account without access to your phone (because they don’t “have” it, you do) .
  • Setting up MFA is recommended for both personal and work accounts.

Will I have to do this EVERY time I login?

  • You will not need to enter both factors every time you login.  Once configured, the first time you login with MFA, you check “☑ remember” .  This will reduce the frequency of being prompted for your second factor to about once per month or longer.
  • If you login to a new device for the first time you will be prompted for your second factor

What Resources do you have for me?

Important Dates:

October 3, 2023: Share Information with WES Staff

October 4, 2023: Share Information with LES Staff

October 5, 2023: Share Information with MG Staff

October 11, 2023: New password requirements updated for all 3 Google Domains

October 11, 2023: MFA Reminder

October 25, 2023: MFA Reminder

November 1, 2023: MFA Reminder

November 7, 2023: MFA Deadline